Origin of the name "KARUN”

The Last King of an Anatolian civilization Lydia, CROESUS (known as KARUN in Turkish) is known as the inventor of first user of “coin” and referred as the richest ever man on earth. As the richest mortal in the world, he was 35 years old in 566 BC when he became the King of Lydia. He took his place in history as the first king to issue gold coins in his own name.

Firmly believing in his own theory that there is no victory that money cannot conquer, KARUN established an army of mercenaries and conquered 11 kingdoms in the nearby territories within a very short period of time. However, in the war against the Persian King on 546 BC, his soldiers with nothing but money on their minds, were annihilated. The Persian King spared the life of KARUN, but he had to remain under captivity for the rest of his life.

KARUN might have met a tragic fate, however, his treasures have been recorded as one of the most magnificient treasures in history.

Currently, 300 out of the 450 pieces of KARUN’s treasures are on display at the Uşak Archeological Museum. Hereunder are a few samples from the most splendid pieces of artwork from the Lidian period: