After Sales Service

KARUN Technical Service and spare-parts team consists only of trained engineers and technicians in their respective fields. Thanks to the main service facilities and parts warehouses spread over an open-space area of 4000 sq.m. and covered premises of 1200 sq.m. in Ankara Ivedik O.S.B., further reinforced with nationwide service dealer network, KARUN boasts the capability of providing full-range of after sales services through own resources.

Delivery, Commissioning and Training

KARUN, throughout its dealership operations since 1989, successfully carried out both sales and after sales operations of the leading brands of the world. In this scope, delivery and commissioning of the machines are done both inside and outside the country by our own trained and specialist service team. Within the delivery scope, installation, commissioning, operator and maintenance training are performed.

Spare Parts

Use of original spare parts will extend the service life of your machine, reduce the failures in long term use and happen to be the cheapest solution in the long term by minimizing the operational costs and waste of time. Your original parts are delivered at minimum 6 months warranty. This way, authorized service support is always with you even after the repairs. This is not the case unfortunately with the non-original parts.

Technical Service

KARUN offers services at many locations inside and outside the country through its service team consisting only of trained engineers and technicians in order to provide high quality technical support to all brands in its portfolio. Our goal is to intervene the failures in the shortest time possible with our expert and specialist engineers and provide added value to our customers by eliminating the defects. Our service team receives periodical Factory trainings on our high-tech machines and constantly updates technical competency in order to achieve this goal.

Any operation on the machines by unauthorized people contains considerable risks and usually cause defects get worse increasing both the work losses and repair costs. In many cases faced, we witnessed that defects are not eliminated by the service operation done by the unauthorized persons without having received necessary special trainings but the defects are rather hidden by disabling some functions of the machine. Please do not let incompetent and non-trained people do any servicing in your machines. Our service team is at your disposal to produce fast intervention, correct diagnosis and most cost-efficient solutions.


It is well known that the machines are subject to fatigue in long term use and performances are weakened. In such cases the most appropriate solution is to replace the machines that are out of economic life. In the event that this solution can not be realized, it is possible to provide visible increase in the performance of your machine by making necessary improvements. We have witnessed many examples where revision operations provided positive results especially with Cranes. Besides, KARUN delivers your machine with a warranty after the renovation.

You are welcome to bring us the machines you have been using for a long time and that you don’t want to put out of service, and take advantage of our guaranteed renovation services.